Performance Athletic Training (PAT) Camps for Skaters and Gymnasts

For Skaters:

  • Singles, Pairs, Ice Dance, Synchronized
  • Qualifications: Beginner-Novice
  • Description: Classes to help with multi-directional skating: balance, quality, and control: includes Off Ice Jumps/Spins – Strength and Conditioning (aerial), Ballet, Dance and Stretch

For Gymnasts:

  • Artistic, Rhythmic, Tumbling, Acrobatic, Parkour
  • Group Classes for Gymnasts
  • Qualifications: Levels 3 – 8 Child, Junior, Senior
  • Description: Instructor understands the dance needs for gymnasts: detailed execution of take-off and landings, pirouette/spins -Ballet, Dance and Stretch to help with the execution of skills performed on bar, floor, and beam routines.

Register for Performance Athletic Training (PAT) Sessions

Choose the weeks you want to attend for a comprehensive training experience. Sign up for a full week to get a significant discount or opt for drop-in classes that fit your schedule.

Olympic Skater
gymnast - floor exercises
Group Off-Ice Conditioning for Skaters3:30-4:15pmMonday thru Friday
Group Ballet Class for Skaters & Gymnasts4:15-5:15pmMonday thru Friday
PAT Weekly Summer Sessions: August 5-9, and August 12 - 16
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(Class times and sessions are subject to change.)

PAT Skating Camp Classes

  • Full week/ 5 days – $430 per week
  • Day/Drop-in – $105 per day

PAT Gymnastics Camp Classes

  • Full week/ 5 days – $250 per week
  • Day/Drop-in – $95 per day

A $35 registration fee will be applied to your registration
Tuition is non-refundable.


Female: Leotard and shorts/leggings

Male: Shorts and T-shirt


Female:  Leotard and shorts/leggings

Male: Off ice work out attire

Choose attire that allows you to breathe, bend, stretch and that you feel comfortable moving in. Please do not wear attire that has zippers or exposed snaps. Any sharp accessories on clothing may puncture, destroy equipment, flooring, or yourself- and is not safe. Fitted clothing is helpful as to not catch on equipment or get tangled. The instructor can also better assess your form.

In Studio

It is recommended to wear feet coverings (shoes or socks) for all Fitness classes. However if you choose to wear shoes, they should be clean, rubber soles, and never been worn outside. Please note: The Stretch Strengthen and Tone (SST); Conditioning (includes off ice) “equipment” fitness class utilizes low flying aerial trapeze. Students will be hanging upside down, spinning, and suspended off the ground. Legs should be covered for SST and aerial work.

Footwear recommendations: socks, grip socks, sneakers ( rubber soles – never worn outside)

NOTE: In Studio – Please avoid using powders, lotions, oils, and creams that may have contact with our equipment and floors. Clothing that has been exposed to fabric softener or dryer sheets should not come in contact with our floors.

Please refrain from using perfume or strongly scented lotions as some individuals have allergies to these products and the oils can stain the equipment and flooring.