ARC Dance offers two distinct scholarships for students currently training in our associated school, Arc School of Ballet. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and merit. Scholarships are granted for no longer than one academic year.

Please read the requirements of each scholarship thoroughly. Failure to perform Award Requirements will result in immediate withdrawal of scholarship and future fund eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications for scholarships may be turned into the office by hand or post marked (prior to deadline) and mailed to: ARC Dance Scholarships, PO Box 9997, Seattle, WA 98109-0997.

Scholarship application forms are available HERE must be completed and returned by the corresponding deadlines for consideration by the Scholarship Committee. All applications and financial information are kept confidential.

ARC Dance FundARC Dance Scholarship

This is the general fund for students attending the Children’s, Student’s, and Summer Dance programs. The fund has helped reduce tuition costs for over 125 dancers since 2005.

Requirements of Award:

1.  Acceptance letter(s) of award acknowledging The ARC Dance Board and the ARC Dance Scholarship received by: First Semester August 15; Second Semester: December 15; Summer Dance March 15

2. A follow up letter sharing recipients’ training experience received at ARC throughout the Semester or Summer Program of the scholarship award received; to be received no later than the end of each Semester or Summer Program. All materials submitted will be the property of ARC, and may be used in future publications and/or promotions.


First Semester:  September – January.  Application Deadline:  June 30; Notification by Aug 1

Second semester:  January – June.  Application Deadline:  October 30; Notification by Dec 1

Summer Dance Program Application Deadline:  January 30; Notification by March 1

ARC Julia Harig FundJulia Harig Scholarship

This fund honors Julia Harig’s contribution to ARC and her ambition to pursue advance training in the Pre-Professional Academy Program. After her diagnosis with Leukemia in 2006, per her wishes, the Julia Harig Scholarship has helped nine pre-professional dancers pursue their dreams of a career in dance.

Eligibility for this scholarship is by audition only. The Pre-professional Academy program is a year round program that runs Sept – June with some summer commitment.

This scholarship is based on acceptance into the program. Application deadline is January 30; Notification by March 1

Requirements of Award:

1. Acceptance letter of award acknowledging The ARC Dance Board and The Harig Family to be received no later than March 15.

2. A minimum of three status update letters sharing how The Julia Harig Scholarship and ARC has allowed you to work closer towards your goal as a professional dancer. Letters should be addressed to The Harig Family and received July/ November/May All materials submitted will be the property of ARC, and may be used in future publications and/or promotions.