Guidelines for Online Classes

We acknowledge that online classes may be challenging especially for the four to seven years age group (parents will need to assist and help). With this understanding, we will periodically reassess our offerings as we move forward so we stay in compliance with official directives and sustain the high-quality instruction you have come to trust. We have made thoughtful adjustments to our curriculum and syllabus for online learning. Thank you for your understanding.


All dancers should be in proper class attire according to their class level. (Leotard, tights, and ballet shoes are necessary for all remote online ballet classes.)


  • Be sure to check ahead of time and confirm your class link so you are ready to log in at class time.
  • Create your designated “studio space” in your home- This is the complete screen/camera view. **If the teacher does not see you, we consider the student has left the “studio”.
  • Be ready to dance and wear your correct uniform.
  • Hair pulled up in neat bun, no bangs
  • Clear the space of distractions, ie. pets, siblings, conversations of others in the vicinity of the “studio space.”
  • Please set up your camera so we can see your entire body head to toes. Classes will move from standing to the floor for stretching.
  • Create excitement for taking class by playing classical ballet music and allow enough time to get ready (15 min) before class begins


  • When you enter the “studio”, voice acknowledge the teacher and mute your computer when you link in. Check your sound volume and be sure you can hear the teacher and the teacher can hear you.
  • If you need to leave the “studio”, please notify the teacher before leaving
  • “Pin/Spotlight” the Teacher, so you only see the teacher during your class
  • Please avoid black screens during class time
  • No use of emojis – if you need to get our attention please raise your hand
  • Give a physical thumbs up (with your hands) to acknowledge the Teacher that you understand the combinations and corrections
  • Apply all corrections to yourself and practice along
  • Please ask questions
  • Have Fun!

*If your device is not connecting to Zoom or sound/audio of camera is not working, you can try logging out(refresh your browser) and re-enter the class room. If you need to log out, the teacher will let you back into the class.

**In the event there are technical difficulties ie: teacher screen freeze, glitching, or full bounce out, please standby (stretch) as we will reconnect as soon as possible.

***Be sure your devices are running the most updated Zoom applications

**** Parents may need to assist and help

A few thoughts for AFTER online dance class

  • Deconstruct the “studio space”
  • Talk to your child about what they learned
  • Create a ballet journal. It will be fascinating for them to read next year or in 5 years from now
  •  Watch ballets on the TV together, read ballet stories together
  • Review steps together