Artistic Director and Choreographer

Marie Chong is an accomplished dancer, director, teacher, and choreographer who has worked in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US. After her work as a professional dancer in both classical ballet and contemporary dance with companies such as Pacific Northwest Ballet, Eugene Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, and Spectrum Dance Theater, Chong founded ARC Dance Productions in Seattle in 1999 and opened ARC School of Ballet in 2004. She was the Director of Cirque du Soleil’s big top touring show KOOZA in Japan and the US and has integrated new artists into additional Cirque du Soleil’s shows at its headquarters in Montreal. She has also worked with Walt Disney Theatricals as a teaching artist.

Chong is an active and well respected movement choreographer, teacher, mentor, and coach. Her choreography has been critically acclaimed and she continues to produce and be part of creative teams in the entertainment industry globally.


Technical/Lighting Director

Mr. McCartney is the District Theater Coordinator for Shoreline School District. He has acted as Theater Manager and Technical Director at Shorecrest Performing Arts Center and Shorewood Performing Arts Center in Shoreline, WA since 1999. He joined the staff of ARC Dance in 2001 as the Technical Director and in 2003 began designing lighting for ARC.


Stage Manager

Ms. Thomas has worked for several years in the greater Seattle theater community as a stage manager and prop master. She is currently the Theater Manager for Eastlake Performing Arts Center in Sammamish, WA. She joined the staff of ARC Dance in 2001.


  • President:  Renita Warn
  • Vice President: Kirk Midtskog
  • Secretary/Treasurer:  Seng Chong
  • Members:  Margie Teman, Jeff Minzel
  • Artistic Director:  Marie Chong


  • Alice Bergeson
  • Catherine Cabeen
  • Rhonda Cinotto
  • Marie Chong
  • Jan Collum
  • Kirsten Cooper
  • Sonia Dawkins
  • Anton Dolin
  • Megan Fehr
  • Kiyon Gaines
  • Ilana Goldman
  • Travis Guerin
  • Mark Haines
  • Meghan Harkey
  • Brady Hartley
  • Shannon Hobbs
  • Pat Hon
  • Penny Hutchinson
  • Rachel James
  • Mark J. Kane
  • Melissa Kerber
  • Alex Ketley
  • Edwaard Liang
  • Vivian Little
  • Wade Madsen
  • Christy McNeil
  • Anna Mansbridge
  • Veronica Mendonca
  • Kirk Midtskog
  • Kabby Mitchell III
  • Ivan Novikoff
  • Jason Ohlberg
  • David Ollington
  • Leslie Jane Pessemier
  • Carl Ratcliff
  • Mary Reardon
  • Dean Speer
  • Manard Stewart
  • Eva Stone
  • Gérard Théorét
  • Julie Tobiason
  • Erricka Turner
  • Sharon Tyers
  • Ross Yearsley