Student Summer Program

ARC Dance Student Summer ProgramTWO Sessions three weeks each

Session 1:  June 12 – July 1

Session 2:  July 17 – August 5

The Student Youth Program provides an environment for ages 6–10+ yrs, that continues exploration of learned dance skills and creative expression.

The Intermediate Youth Ballet is for students that are 10+years and have had a minimum of 4 years of consecutive formalized dance training.The progression of this class is also perfect for the very NEW Youth student to classical ballet.

To ensure space and discount, registration and payment must be received no later than March 30th. Tuition and registration is non-refundable. Exceptions are made for serious illness or injury with doctor documentation once classes have begun.  Class sizes are limited. ARC reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet minimum fulfillment. Class schedule and faculty is subject to change. Non-refundable $25 registration fee for all registered programs.

Click here if you prefer to print the paper registration form and pay by check or in person by credit card at our office.

Register + Pay Online
Elementary 1 & 2 (2x wk)6-8yrs4:45-5:45pm4:45-5:45pm10:30-11:30am
Elementary 3 & 4 (3x wk)8-10yrs4:45-5:45pm4:45-5:45pm11:30-12:30pm
Intermediate Youth (3x wk)10+yrs5:45-7pm5:45-7pm12:30-1:45pm
Summer Registration Fee of $25 per student
 ClassBy March 30After March 30
Student YouthElementary 1 & 2 (2x week)$120 + registration$170 + registration
Elementary 3 & 4 (3x week)$200 + registration$300 + registration
IntermediateIntermediate Youth (3x week)$250 + registration$350 + registration

Elementary 1 & 2 (E1&2) *Required white waist belt:

ROYAL BLUE leotard (Capezio #CC100/CC101) with waist belt (RAINDANCE hip alignment belt white 1/2″ #60S) , pink footed tights and pink leather ballet slippers.

Elementary 3 & 4 (E3&4) * Required Pastel Blue skirt:

ROYAL BLUE leotard (Capezio CC100/CC101) with skirt ( BLOCH Girls Basic Georgette Mock Wrap Skirt
Pastel Blue color #CR5110) , pink footed tights and pink leather ballet slippers.

Intermediate 1 *Required white waist belt:

LAVENDER leotard (Capezio CC100/CC101) with waist belt (RAINDANCE hip alignment belt White 3/4″ #62S), ballet pink seamed footed tights (Body Wrappers #A45 or #A46 Convertible Mesh Tight With Back Seam or TotalSTRETCH Mesh Back Seam Convertible Tight classic mesh seamed/transition) and pink leather or canvas ballet slippers.